The idea behind Creanator.com is simple. We produce media and provide it to you for free. We want this process to work as smoothly as possible. We are quite happy with the website as it does its work. We could have done much more with the website (and probably will if we get the time) but for the moment we focus on producing content for you.

Why is there a download limit per day?

If there were no restrictions on downloads per day we would make it way too easy for people who steal other people’s content just to make a copy of our business. The big difference is that they didn’t work thousands of hours to get the content there, as we did. We also think that the average creative person that visits Creanator.com can be content with downloading ten files per day.

How can I remove the watermarks on the free stock photos?

The high-quality stock photos you download are free from watermarks.

How can I see the number of downloads I have left?

We are looking for a solution, but we cannot promise anything yet.

How many photos do you upload every week?

We are always looking for that extra time on the field shooting photos. How much that amount of time can vary a lot from week to week. Some weeks we are not able to shoot one single photo. Some weeks there can be hundreds. The goal is to upload at least 50 images, video clips, or audio clips per week.

Are you professional videographers and photographers?

No, not at all. We are happy amateurs that want to be as good as possible. We save money to buy better equipment and as time goes by we get more knowledge and experience. In summary, we are getting better and better.

How do you know what to shoot?

The number of downloads on each file gives us valuable information on what you like or not.

Can I ask you for certain sounds, videos, or photos?

We are very happy about a request for a certain type of images, videos or sounds. We can not promise anything but it is very inspiring to get ideas that we ourselves lack. Sometimes we actually lack inspiration, just as a writer can get writing cramps. Then it can be very valuable to produce a list of visitor wishes.

Why should I download photos from Creanator.com? There are sites that have millions of free photos to choose from.

If you want photos that you haven’t seen before you should go for Creanator.com. The photos are only distributed from this little site only. So when we publish a new photo it isn’t published at ten other stock photo platforms at the same time. In that sense this site is exclusive.

If you follow this site I’m pretty sure that you will find that the quality of the items will improve over time. I’m not sure I can see quality improvement on the big stock photo agencies.

We have been contributors to the big stock photo companies but they pay incredible little to the ones who provide all the media, the content creators. Instead of working hard for the big stock agencies, it is more fun to work hard for the end-users.

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